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 Gilbert von Herz

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Gilbert von Herz
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New Member
Gilbert von Herz

Gender : Male Location Location : North Wales

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PostSubject: Gilbert von Herz   Sat Oct 24, 2009 6:34 pm

b]Full name: [/b] Gilbert von Herz
Gender: Male
Age: Sixteen
Student or Adult: Student
Canon Character or Original: Original
Referred by: Professor Manuél Runcorn

Blood Status: Muggle born
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Short, messy blond
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White
Remarkable Features: Faint scar across his chin.

Personality: Is socially awkward, introverted and shy. He was always thought to be anti-social and cold in Primary school, but he was only too scared to extend the hand of friendship to the other children; because of this he even avoid crowds and any form of human contact, and is very quiet to the point where people believe him to be mute.
Special Skills: Is very good at remembering information and rattling off facts - too bad that most of it is usually useless pieces of trivia such as "did you know all the sea creatures are turning female?"
Wand Type: 8½ inches, Alder, and a dragon core.
Family Information: His mother, Mary von Herz, died giving birth to Gilbert, leaving his father, Adel von Herz, to raise him by himself. Gilbert has no uncles or aunts to his knowledge, and his grandparents on his mother side had estranged themselves upon Mary's death, and only his grandmother on his father's side remained alive - but she lives in Frankfurt, Germany, so Gilbert has only ever seen her during Christmas when they go to visit her. Adel works as a muggle Secondary school teacher and tries very hard for his son to make sure that Gilbert has everything he needs.
Character History: Gilbert had a normal and, possibly, a boring upbringing. He focused on his studies - somewhat - and in his spare time wrote stories, doodled, and was scolded by his teachers at Primary school for daydreaming too much. He never participated much in school sports, and the only injury he ever had was when he fell out of a tree and cracked his jaw when he hit the ground face first. Even his father admitted that that fall had addled Gilbert's brains slightly, as before that he had been a slightly social boy, but after the fall became shy and introverted. When he first got his Hogwarts letter in the post, he and his father passed it off as a local prankster, until more and more letter began bombarding the house. It was only until they got a personal visit by the headmaster of this "imaginary" school that they began to believe it - however, it took much convincing on Gilbert's part to make his father give him permission to go. Adel was against having his only son "stumbling through preteen boys shooting curses and god knows what else at each other" without him there to supervise, but Gilbert - who always daydreamed about having magical powers from reading too much Manga from Japan - desperately begged his father, and got a grudging acceptance; the only condition was that if he got attacked by a dragon or a vampire or something, he would come back pronto without complaints. Thankfully, something to that nature had not happened...yet.

Role-play Example: (Just one paragraph? Hahah, I'll...I'll try!)

Gilbert was always taken aback at the sheer magic of Diagon Alley, no matter how many times he visited it. He could wander the colourful streets for hours, blue eyes wide and smiling shyly of the magic of the place. He would roam every inch of this wonderful place and see all the wares before reminding himself that he had to buy his school supplies for the year, not spend all of his money on a golden tiger like creature, or a broomstick. He always made a resolution to own a broomstick before he left school, but every year he chickened out with excuses that he never had enough money, or that he could do it next year. He was terrified of heights anyway, so owning a broomstick would be useless.

But still, there was something magical about flying a broomstick, even after seeing many other, more magical things in his time in the Wizarding world. It was so ridiculous, so bewilderingly hilarious, that Gilbert wanted to try, and own one. Blame it on his inner child, but it was just one of those moments where you saw something, and /had/ to own it, no matter whether or not it was practical.

Or if you'd ever use it because you were too scared to go higher than six feet.
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Gilbert von Herz
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