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It has been nineteen long years since HE-WHO-MUST-NOT-BE-NAMED and the Death Eaters were driven from the Wizarding World. The Trio (Harry, Ron, and Hermoine) were praised as heroes; while the fallen were immortalized. The Wizarding World eventually grew out of the clenches of fear, and oprression; following the new winds of freedom, and peace. (Read On...)
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 Professor Immanuel "Manuél" Runcorn

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Professor Manuél Runcorn
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PostSubject: Professor Immanuel "Manuél" Runcorn   Fri Sep 25, 2009 2:42 pm

Full name: Immanuel Jonothan Runcorn, though known only as Manuél (pronounced Man-you-el); reacts particularly badly to being called Runcorn
Gender: Male
Age: 44, but with the physical appearance of one in his mid-20s
Student or Adult: Adult
Canon Character or Original: Original
Referred by: Evangeline Lestrange

Blood Status: Half-blood
Height: 6’2”
Hair: Long, black
Eye Color: Black, though wears light blue contact lenses
Skin Color: White
Remarkable Features: Several scars down his back and across his chest, as well as some along his wrists

Personality: Extremely vain, known for a sarcastic and occasionally dark sense of humour. Strict teacher. Known for a particularly womanising attitude, rarely settling in a relationship for more than a few weeks. However, an especially effective teacher who commands respect from all students.
Special Skills: Non-verbal magic, and particularly good at wandless magic. Occlumens.
Additionally a genius-level intellect, and renowned for an extensively wide knowledge of magic both light and dark.
Wand Type: 11 ½ inch, vine, unicorn hair core
Family Information: father, Anthony Runcorn, was the first Ravenclaw in a long line of pure-blooded Slytherins. Further distancing himself from his family, upon leaving school Anthony married his muggle-born lover Denice, with whom he fathered Manuél, who followed both his parents into Ravenclaw. However, when Voldemort returned to power in 1995, Anthony’s brother Albert Runcorn became a Death Eater and killed both Anthony and Denice, using the imperius curse to convert Manuél as a Death Eater in the process – see Character History below.
Character History: During his school years, Manuél was a well-liked Ravenclaw boy. Showing his remarkable intelligence and magical ability from a young age, he achieved twelve O’s in his O.W.L. exams and six O’s in his N.E.W.T. exams, as well as being the Ravenclaw Prefect from his fifth year onwards and eventually succeeding Bill Weasley as Head Boy at Hogwarts. Following school, he joined the ministry, rising remarkably quickly over the next three years before becoming Senior Assistant to the Minister of Magic.
All this changed when Voldemort rose back to power. Manuél’s uncle, Albert Runcorn, joined ranks with the Death Eaters at this stage, and sought to kill Manuél’s parents due to what he called “family dishonour”. It was not long until Manuél became aware of the feud and came rushing to the aid of his parents. In an ensuing struggle, Albert Runcorn placed Manuél under a particularly strong Imperius curse and forced him to kill his parents himself. In the knowledge of his prestigious magical gifts, Manuél was then kidnapped by Runcorn and his fellow Death Eaters and, still under the imperius curse, was forced to become a Death Eater himself. Manuél’s death was faked and put down to the same “Magical Accident” that killed both his parents.
As the power of the Death Eaters grew, Manuél’s servitude to the group as a whole became utilised more and more despite his unwillingness. His talent even caught the eye of Voldemort himself, who – confident that the control of the Death Eaters over Manuél was too powerful ever to be undone – even taught him numerous Dark spells known by barely any other Death Eaters. Indeed, it is even rumoured that he was taught the incomparable skill of aidless flight, although if he did have this ability he has refused resolutely to demonstrate it for nearly two decades, perhaps as a continued attempt to shrug off his dark past. Some of his admitted crimes include a year as a Snatcher, the torture of over forty Muggle-born witches and wizards, and – during the battle of Hogwarts – the murder of a further twenty defenders of Hogwarts including Hestia Jones, the centaur Matthias, and Colin Creevey.
Upon the fall of Voldemort – along with the death and capture of those who had been controlling him – the control over Manuél was broken, and upon his confession the ministry cleared him of all charges due to the strong evidence that had been left behind by the imperius curses and scars of abuse. However, Manuél was still haunted by all the crimes he committed as a Death Eater, and sought redemption, firstly by giving all the money he owned to the families of those he knew he had killed, and then by becoming an Auror in order to use everything he knew about the Death Eaters still at large to hunt them down and lock them up. Additionally, desperate to avoid being controlled once more, he studied Occlumency for several years. He achieved some level of fame as an Auror, capturing a dozen famed Death Eaters in his first year alone.
As could be expected, his personality went through radical changes following his period as a Death Eater. Previously an easy-going, optimistic young man who was comparatively modest of his highly-esteemed intellect, his mood now often fluctuates from very happy to very bitter and angry. He became much bolder as well, especially with regards to his profession – many of his co-workers have stated that he encourages a “terrified respect” from anyone he met. His modesty now gone, he now took an extreme pride about his intellect and became extremely vain about his appearance. Additionally, though initially fairly shy around women, Manuél soon grew something of a reputation as a womaniser, known to go from woman to woman extremely quickly with a seemingly carefree attitude.
With the reopening of Hogwarts school, he was recommended the job of Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher by the head of the Auror office, who said that his knowledge of the Dark Arts, as well as his hatred for it, made him perfect for the position. Under this advice, he applied for the job and was accepted.

Role-play Example(one paragraph please):[OOC: ...Uh, I didn’t think I could quite capture Manuél’s awesomeness in one paragraph, so I decided to make this a small speech of dialogue, i.e. how I expected his first lesson might start];
Manuél: A good afternoon to you all! I do apologise for keeping you all waiting, I’m afraid I was caught up in something I couldn’t get out of. In my defence, I do have an affinity for redheads... Ok, if you’d all like to put away your books, I’d like us to actually do something useful with our time. In actual fact, I think we should just take all those books away from you. You, at the end there, can you collect all the books for – no, not you, the pretty one there... yeah, how old are you? Eighteen? Now that’s very interesting... Sorry, do ignore me. Hand me those books? Now then.
Come across any Dark Wizard worth his salt, he could turn these books into a deadly weapon in a dozen different ways. They could send them flying at you, they could turn them into Portkeys and send you deep into the sun’s core, they could turn the very words on the pages against you until you find yourself a gibbering wreck... but one spell is all you need to stop... at least 40% of whatever they could possibly throw at you. Finite incantatem. If you use it well it stops any spells in the general area, particularly useful for long term curses... everyone say it with me? Finite – ok, you two at the back, five points from Gryffindor each, I can hear you whispering and dungbongs really aren’t clever...
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Professor Immanuel "Manuél" Runcorn
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