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 Effie Lilian Moon

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effie moon
New Member
New Member
effie moon

Gender : Female Location Location : wales

Character Age: Character Age: : 26
Posts Posts : 5
Job Job : Head Auror

PostSubject: Effie Lilian Moon   Wed Jul 29, 2009 3:08 pm

Full name: Effie lilian Moon
Gender: female
Age: 26
Student or Adult: adult
Canon Character or Original: original
Referred by:who got you onto the site,hanna [Evangeline Lestrange]

Blood Status: pure
Height:5' 1"
Hair: long,dark brunette changes it daily with a charm
Eye Color: sparkling blue
Skin Color: light,fair skin
Remarkable Features: sparkling,beautiful blue eyes decscribed to be hypnotizing and her long dark hair always perfect

Personality: quiet,very calm but her presence is allways known, has a wonderful sense of humour seems allways happy, but can get angry
Special Skills: animagi (a white wolf with her brilliant blue eyes)
Wand Type: ash 9 1/2 inches, a single Golden Snidget feather
Family Information: related to the weasleys, her mothers side is the last pure blood welsh wizarding family left.
Character History: went to hogwarts, got 11 O in her OWL's and one E in muggle studies, was a seeker for her 2 last years and played fo the Holyhead Harpies after leaving hogwarts, then went on to train to be an auror.Now a trained auror, she spends most of her time working for the ministry doing various jobs, because of her talents and wide variety of qualifications

Role-play Example:
'Effie,they want you in the Control of Magical Creatures department today, a dragons gone A wall somewhere near Yorkshire'
Effie noded and her walking speeded up, she turned a conrner and stepped into the lift, as she did every day these days, she wasn't complaining, working was much easier than staying at home day after day with no one to talk to. As the lift rushed backwards and forwards, up, down and back again, various wizards came in and out of the allways moving golden lift, some faces she knew, others were people with court hearings or just here on buisnes, not as many worked in the ministry as there used to, not many were needed, no more than 63 in most department was a rule.
She wasn't so lucky to have got in on the auror course, as a couple of deparments took on whoever got the NEWT's. But lucky she was for her high role in the ministry at the age of 26, lucky she had her mothers brains and her fathers charm.she giggled to herself, but no one in the lift looked, they were all busy with papers,reading and one man grabing hold of a tiny box with flames shooting out from the small air holes
'Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures'
Effie jamp out of the lift, her traveling robes flying swiftly behind her, she turned back to wave goodbye to a familiar face, then turned around again as the golden metal doors closed and the lift shot upwards. Her long dark hair jumping up and down as she strode towards the head of departmen office, smiling as her co-workers as she passed, her eyes sparkle as the light from the enchanted windows shone on to her beautifuly shaped face and her snowy skin listened in the morning sunlight. Her natural beauty was ofcourse known to many, her slender petite body and her fair but angelic face. The beauty she could not see.
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Charles Monroe
Charles Monroe

Gender : Male Location Location : England

Character Age: Character Age: : 38
Posts Posts : 95
Job Job : Charms Professor

PostSubject: Re: Effie Lilian Moon   Wed Jul 29, 2009 3:13 pm

ACCEPTED! You may now role play!
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Effie Lilian Moon
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