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 Lorcan James Avery.

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Lorcan Avery
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New Member
Lorcan Avery

Gender : Male Location Location : Wherever she needs me.

Character Age: Character Age: : He should be thirty-eight but appears to be twenty-one physically.
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PostSubject: Lorcan James Avery.   Wed Jul 29, 2009 12:38 pm

Full name: Lorcan James Avery
Gender: Male
Age: Physically twenty-one, he should be thirty-eight.
Student or Adult: Adult
Canon Character or Original: Original
Referred by: Shikanna.(who got you onto the site,)

Blood Status: Pureblooded, secretly a half-breed.
Height: 6'5
Hair: Brown
Eye Color: Chocolate brown, mostly.
Skin Color: Painfully pale.
Remarkable Features: Lorcan's type is meant to attract everyone but his most striking feature is his eyes.

Personality: Lorcan is a strange character, he has very little patience and practically no time for others apart from one female, Evangeline Emilia Lestrange. He was known for being a ladies man and is quite the flirt however his standards (despite what he secretly is) are very high. Lorcan is charming and remarkably witty though he has a horrid temper.
Special Skills: See Vampire concept.
Wand Type: Oak wood and unicorn hair
Family Information: Lorcan James Avery was the only child, to the Death Eater Avery and Maria Avery.
Character History:

Role-play Example(one paragraph please):
Lorcan James Avery was born to Maria and The Death Eater Avery in 1971, present day this makes him thirty-eight. Lorcan's childhood was quite eventful, His father would constantly leave, Death Eater's occasionally would trawl through the house, wreck things whilst torturing the odd person. Lorcan, through out his child-hood life witnessed this constantly, though when the Dark Lord fell for the first time, Avery (Lorcan's father) disappeared in an attempt to find his master.

This left Maria to raise her son alone, she raised him as well as any single mother of the time did but Lorcan was rather wild at a young age, he often disappeared for days but by his third disappearance his mother had learned to stop worrying because her rogue of a son would always re-appear when he was hungry, or injured. She dealt with this for years and due to her acceptance of this, Lorcan and his mother grew extremely close, forging an seemingly unbreakable bond. It seemed that over the years of his child-hood, right up to the age of eleven, Lorcan shot up in height, he was standing at 5'7 by this time.

At eleven, still with his father absent, Lorcan was sent off to Hogwarts where of course, he was placed in Slytherin. During his first few years, Lorcan remained a very quiet student, only sticking with his group of friends. However, when he hit his fifth year, Lorcan started to get himself quite the reputation, a similar one to his father of being a Ladies Man. He would often, again like his father, lie to women to get what he wanted and more often than not, he was successful in doing so. Usually, males weren't so upfront about what they were like, Lorcan on the other hand displayed a knack for not caring and that, or so it seemed, was part of the attraction for women. Lorcan took particular interest in the Dark Arts, and at sixteen, he got involved in the Dark Magic Market (making, selling and dealing with Dark products), in different places in the United Kingdom. Despite his constant absences, Lorcan's OWLS and NEWTS were reasonably good, he didn't fail one subject but just scrapped more than a few.

Fresh out of Hogwarts, Lorcan went to find new things to feed his ever-growing interest. His eagerness for knowledge that could only be found outside the castle walls was ever-growing and it was a thirst that needed to be quenched. For a year, despite his obvious distaste for the idea, Lorcan stayed with his mother. He often got more glimpses of his father and at this age stood at 6'2. Him and his fathers 'quality time' often involved a good few drinks and further teachings in Dark Magic. By nineteen, Lorcan was branded, having proved himself in several missions with his father, during this year he hardly ever saw his mother. Two years had passed by this time and he was now nineteen.

For three years, Lorcan disappeared without a trace, he cut off all ties with his family but his reputation of being a ladies man still lived. However, when he returned, he was covered in scars and massive burns, it turned out that Lorcan Avery had indeed been handling Dragons, far away in Romania, when he was there he met a Evangeline Lestrange, he greeted her rather rudely but despite this the pair got along increasingly well, Lorcan's superiors were surprised with this because it seemed the Lestrange girl was the only one able to keep him 'on a leash', his superiors ended up partnering them together. The pair worked well, Lorcan trained Evangeline to be a Dragonologist. What with growing activities of the Death Eaters, the Ministry began to keep close tabs on the two because of their backgrounds. Eventually, Evangeline and Lorcan got sick of this, between them they stole two Dragons and began building their own Dragon facility, in Bulgaria, the pair put countless charms and hexes to make the place un-plottable and extremely well protected. Lorcan would disappear with Dragon eggs occasionally and sell them on his Dark Market but never told Evangeline what he had done with them. At twenty-two, with his love for Evangeline (though he knew exactly what she was), well in bloom, Lorcan took her to meet his mother, who seemingly approved and got along with Evangeline, but oh, how wrong the pair were. During this year, Lorcan’s mother thought Evangeline to be unworthy of her son, and so saw to it that she would test her in any way imaginable. She’d grown weary of her, and so beckoned her three tests as such. One: To see what limits she would reach to free Lorcan from the binds of Azkaban. Two: Expose Evangeline to Lorcan’s blood. Evangeline passed all, though the last was certainly the worst. She gave Evangeline an ultimatum. She could either leave Lorcan, the only man she’d ever truly loved, or if not, Lorcan’s mother would inform Evangeline’s family of her true being, deeming Evangeline a half-breed, and Lorcan a blood traitor. That was something they certainly would avoid at all costs, and so the two agreed it would be best to put a cease to their relationship. His mother remained oblivious as to their meetings in secret, until that one day; the very day Evangeline’s life came crashing down around her. Deemed a half-breed, she was thrown from her home, named a disgrace to all that she’d ever believed in. For weeks, she contemplated what would be the best thing to do. If she left, she’d be leaving Lorcan, yet if she stayed he’d be disowned also. So, finally reaching a conclusion to her thoughts, she decided upon leaving. Yet Lorcan had other ideas. On the eve when Evangeline spoke to him of her plans, he tricked her into changing him to the creature she was – A Vampire. He purposely made his way towards a tempered Dragon, into the pathway of its wrath. The results were unspeakable injuries; and so, burdened with pain of what was in need of doing, Evangeline gave into his wishes. As his heart gave its last beat, so did the last ounce of humanity within her.

The year of the final battle came and together, both as Vampire's (though Lorcan's change was not known to anyone), set out. Evangeline would not be able to participate because of her newly found status. No one detected Lorcan's change because although he felt chilled, his eyes remained the same chocolate brown, they looked for the same symptoms in him which they had seen in Evangeline but because his eyes had not changed colour, they did not realise. Lorcan was able to take a part in the battle and fought fearlessly at the Dark Lord's side, he witnessed the major injuries of his own father but battled ruthlessly on, he also saw the death of both Bellatrix and the Dark Lord. When Lorcan returned from the battle, practically unscathed and immediately set out to find Evangeline. Within hours of the battle, Lorcan was the barer of bad-news and confirmed to his lover that Bellatrix Lestrange was indeed dead.

Evangeline soon left Lorcan, and for many years, he was enraged, he dealt with his rage by killing constantly, unreasonably. He's type often felt all emotions much stronger than humans and so Lorcan's wrath was double what it used to be. After a long while, Lorcan went in search for the person responsible for all his misery; his mother. Mercilessly, he slaughtered her.
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Charles Monroe
Charles Monroe

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Character Age: Character Age: : 38
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PostSubject: Re: Lorcan James Avery.   Wed Jul 29, 2009 3:03 pm

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Lorcan James Avery.
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