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 Charles Monroe

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Charles Monroe
Charles Monroe

Gender : Male Location Location : England

Character Age: Character Age: : 38
Posts Posts : 95
Job Job : Charms Professor

PostSubject: Charles Monroe   Wed Jul 22, 2009 5:11 am

Full name: Charles Joseph Monroe
Student or Adult:Adult
Referred by:(who got you onto the site,)God

Blood Status:Pure Blood
Hair:Long, dirty blond
Eye Color:Blue
Skin Color:White
Remarkable Features:Scar across his chest

Personality:Charles is outgoing, caring, and very charming. He is quite intelligent and selfless. However, he happens to be overly friendly and at times fancies attention. He is mature and experienced in many forms of life; always looking to help someone.
Special Skills:He is very skilled at dueling and magic, and a very quick learner. However, he is terrible at Quidditch; so he decides to watch. Charles plays guitar; once in a while he gets together with a group of musicians; singing and playing for them.
Wand Type: A 12 inch black wood with a lion mane core, branded by the Gryffindor crest.
Family Information:Charles is the son of Patrick Monroe and Elizabeth Henerland. Patrick came from a long line of Slytherin, while Elizabeth came from a long line of Gryffindors. He was the middle child of three, his older sister Liz passed away when he was eight, and his younger brother Frances ran away soon after. Charles keeps in touch with him from time to time. His mother is a single child, and his father has one brother Cian; who had two children Seth Monroe, and Jessica Monroe. All three are deceased. Charles has two children with his ex-wife Summer Hale; Carter Monroe and Paige Monroe. He has another child Indigo Brown, with an ex-girlfriend Jade.
Character History:Charles Joseph Monroe was born on the muggle side of Godric's Hollow. After the Potter murders, the family of five fled from the Hollow due to Patrick being persecuted for his crimes. Patrick had been a long term Death Eater, and though he had quit when Liz was born, the Aurors still had a warrant for his arrest. Elizabeth was kicked from the Order, due to her involvement with Patrick. The two were simply in love since Hogwarts, nothing could change it.

The Monroe family moved to New York City and there they lived for ten years, everything seemed fine. The Aurors had stopped perusing Patrick and life was routine once more, until one cold Friday night when a band of Aurors came to the Monroe's door. Patrick game himself peacefully that night, two years later he was executed in Azkaban. Life crashed around Charles and his family. Liz soon became sick at the age of thirteen with some muggle disease, which would claim her life that Spring. Elizabeth went into a deep depression, and brought Charles and Frances to live with Patrick's brother Cian.

The next five years Charles and Frances would live with Cian and his family. Before the start of the Charles' fifth year; Frances would run away and never return to Hogwarts or to Cian's home. The fifth year went on well for Charles' who stepped out of his shell and grew popular. He met his Hogwarts' sweetheart Annabelle Lestrange, and fell into a rather cynical crowd. Several months into the year an Owl came for him bearing the news that his uncle and cousins were found dead, with the Dark Mark above the home. One of the first attacks in the second war; Cian had something the Dark Lord had been looking for.

Charles grew into the group he had fallen into, and was soon temporarily branded by an older more powerful student. The temporary Dark Mark was to prove his loyalty to the Dark Lord. He proved it farther by joining in on a raid of downtown London, which left him scarred for weeks. His loyalty was shone when he slayed an Auror in the Forbidden Forest, which turned out to be one of his best friends relatives. Soon, he was beckoned by true Death Eater to come with them on a search, Charles had to agree and left behind his love Annabelle, which he wouldn't see for years.

The search would bring them across Europe, looking for something they weren't allowed to know about. The tail-end of the journey brought them to Albania, where Charles would meet a young woman, and would sleep with her; impregnating her unknowingly. At 17, Charles had seen more than most others his age, and there he was branded by the Dark Lord.

He would return to Hogwarts, though he was unknown now. Many students had left due to the increasing danger, the school was ruined. Charles would fight in the Battle of Hogwarts on the Death Eaters side, however he would soon abandon his fellow Death Eaters and flee from the school, casting the Dark Mark into the Black Lake.

The next five years were troublesome for Charles, who was being prosecuted by remaining Death Eaters, and Aurors. He lived life on the road evading everyone until one day when he met Summer Hale. From there they would come together and spring into a relationship; and than marriage. There marriage went strong until unfaithfulness came in; Charles began to have affairs with various girls over a period of six months. Over this time he had a post as an Auror, seeing as his records were cleared.

After disappearing for six months, Charles came back away from everyone, with one girl in mind. Years passed and life went one finally he was offered the post of temporary Headmaster and he took it graciously.

Years and years later Charles
Role-play Example(one paragraph please): Charles had just finished walking around the road, up the hill, and down the valley. His old leather coat bounced with every step, his faded gold locks swaying. It was a beautiful night, and it was even more so; due to the silence. Not a single soul was out tonight; or so it appeared. Charles grinned and walked around absorbing the silence, and sighed sitting against a large tree.

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Charles Monroe
Charles Monroe

Gender : Male Location Location : England

Character Age: Character Age: : 38
Posts Posts : 95
Job Job : Charms Professor

PostSubject: Re: Charles Monroe   Wed Jul 22, 2009 5:13 am

Wow nice profile, ACCEPTED!
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Charles Monroe
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