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 Evangeline Emilia Lestrange.

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Evangeline Lestrange
Evangeline Lestrange

Gender : Female Location Location : Lestrange Manor, England.

Character Age: Character Age: : 38
Posts Posts : 34
Job Job : Dragonologist.

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PostSubject: Evangeline Emilia Lestrange.   Evangeline Emilia Lestrange. I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 28, 2009 1:42 pm

Full name: Evangeline Emilia Lestrange.
Gender: Female.
Age: 38 Years old, though her physical appearance is 21.
Student or Adult: Adult.
Canon Character or Original: Original.
Referred by:(who got you onto the site,) Damian (Charles Monroe.)

Blood Status: Pureblood, yet infected with Vampirism. (Half-Breed.)
Height: 5 ft, 10”.
Hair: Coal waves, so lustrous they move like the ocean.
Eye Color: Varies with her emotions. (See Vampire concept.)
Skin Color: Flawless porcelain.
Remarkable Features: Like any other of her kind, during the transformation, she’d obtained a pair of elongated canines. Hers on the other hand, differ from that of the usual vampire. Golden strands have been engraved within hers, the colours seeming to mould into a tribal pattern. Once silver, they’d developed into Gold when Evangeline resisted the blood of Lorcan Avery, and so her status arose also. (See Vampire concept.)

Personality: In past, Evangeline found herself at times being both quiet and cynical - That certainly changed after her transformation. She no longer shies away from people, from the crowds and the harsh words, which are thrown in her way. She embraced the new way she was given, and has unleashed the bitterness, which rages within her. She thrives on knowledge, consuming the history of her kind with as much ferocity as she does the blood of humans, searching for an answer to explain the strange being that she is.
Special Skills: (See Vampire Concept.)
Wand Type: 10”, Elm, Dragon Heatstring.
Family Information: Born on the 31st of October, Evangeline was brought up believing highly in the ideology that favours purebloods over any other. Living in the shadow of her death eater parents, Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange, truly had a grave effect on her as a child. Instead of playing in the garden like any other child would, she spent most of her days perched on the windowsill of the Manor attic. There she would watch for hours as her parents arrived and left, bringing their victims in question to and fro from the house. A continuous circle of screams, screeches and shrieks of agony as she listened to the sound of what could only be the torturing of countless witches and wizards.

Character History: When Evangeline’s parents were incarcerated for the torturing of Frank and Alice Longbottom, she had yet to start school. And due this, when the time came she was sent to France to live with her Grandmother. There, she enlisted at Beauxbatons Academy where she excelled in all her subjects, gaining a small amount of praise from her family. She took note, and soon learnt that to achieve this on a continuous level, she would have to live up to her family’s reputation.

Though, when her parents escaped from Azkaban, her behaviour took a turn for the worse. That resulted in her transfer to Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry. There she continued with her education. She thrived on knowledge, and was finally permitted to mix with the children of who her parents would deem acceptable, them namely being pureblooded Slytherin’s, not the Veela filth that thrived in France. Though, during her sixth year, she was faced with a drastic change in her life, a change that had her infected with the curse of vampirism.

She was now deemed with a choice, a life changing one at that. She could either be true to her kind and follow the path of an eternity as a vampire, or return to her old life in the Wizarding community, and attempt to hide her true identity. The latter would certainly be hard, yet she couldn’t bring herself to detach from her family and all she’d been brought up to believe in. That would be harder still. And so, she’d chosen to move away from the being that she was and attempt to continue with her old life.

Though, many things had changed in her, both physically and mentally, her emotions had become drastically fragile and were known to range from a state of pure happiness to the deepest state of depression. Her vivid violet eyes would vary in colour as an effect of each mood she experienced; yet she managed to compose them at times.

She attempted to continue with her day-to-day life and had done with great success in some ways. She finished Hogwarts with outstanding NEWTS, none under the 'Exceeds Expectations' grade. After which she went on to train as a Dragon Keeper. Many say that with her fiery exterior, perseverance, dedication and her no-nonsense attitude, Evangeline was the perfect candidate for such an occupation, and with the added bonus of her undisclosed abilities she was more than capable of taming a Dragon.

Following her high grades as a school pupil and also a student in training as a Dragon Keeper, she heightened her education by studying at the Romanian Dragon Sanctuary. She was lucky; as she obtained a permanent job there as a Dragonologist and by doing so she met her so called “Partner in crime” Lorcan Avery and was trained further in the art of Dragonology by him. The two, aside from their work, were also known within the circle of The Dark Lord and were often paired together on missions and the recruitment of Death Eaters amongst Romania. Yet with her being merely 19 years old, she’d found herself yet to prove herself to The Dark Lord and so was yet to receive the Dark Mark.

Being so far away, gave her the perfect opportunity to disclose her abilities. There was only one man who knew of them. Reluctantly, she’d allowed herself to grow close to her colleague, Lorcan. This surprised their fellow colleagues in some ways, as they’d never thought anyone would be capable of taming Lorcan; yet Evangeline had, and over time, she’d grown far closer than she’d ever imagined she would get to anyone. Though this wasn’t the problem; Lorcan’s mother thought Evangeline to be unworthy of her son, and so saw to it that she would test her in any way imaginable. She’d grown weary of her, and so beckoned her three tests as such. One: To see what limits she would reach to free Lorcan from the binds of Azkaban. Two: Expose Evangeline to Lorcan’s blood. She passed all, though the last was certainly the worst. She gave Evangeline an ultimatum. She could either leave Lorcan, the only man she’d ever truly loved, or if not, Lorcan’s mother would inform Evangeline’s family of her true being, deeming Evangeline a half-breed, and Lorcan a blood traitor. That was something they certainly would avoid at all costs, and so the two agreed it would be best to put a cease to their relationship. His mother remained oblivious as to their meetings in secret, until that one day; the very day Evangeline’s life came crashing down around her.

Deemed a half-breed, she was thrown from her home, named a disgrace to all that she’d ever believed in. For weeks, she contemplated what would be the best thing to do. If she left, she’d be leaving Lorcan, yet if she stayed he’d be disowned also. So, finally reaching a conclusion to her thoughts, she decided upon leaving. Yet Lorcan had other ideas. On the eve when Evangeline spoke to him of her plans, he tricked her into changing him to the creature she was – A Vampire. He purposely made his way towards a tempered Dragon, into the pathway of its wrath. The results were unspeakable injuries; and so, burdened with pain of what was in need of doing, Evangeline gave into his wishes. As his heart gave its last beat, so did the last ounce of humanity within her.

The year of the epic final battle arrived, and together, both as vampires, Evangeline and Lorcan set out. Lorcan’s change was unknown to everyone except Evangeline, and so he was able to participate, yet Evangeline was not due to her newly found status. No one detected Lorcan's change, because although he felt chilled, his eyes remained the same chocolate brown. Many had searched for the same symptoms in him, which they had seen in Evangeline, but because his eyes had not changed colour, they failed to realise his change. Evangeline sought out the battle watching from the shadows within the castle. She certainly would not be waiting whilst Lorcan, her lover, and her mother were mid conflict (As much as she loathed the woman.). Every once in a while she sent a stray flash from her wand towards the ‘enemy’, praying upon those who crossed her unmerciful path. When she sensed the battle was nearing an end, Evangeline made a brisk exit, and as a result she remained oblivious to the outcome. It was only when Lorcan returned from the battle, the barer of bad-news she was informed of her mother’s death.

Her mother was dead, her lover had cheated her into changing him, breaking all the trust she held for him. Disgusted with herself as well as others, she fled, and for many years afterwards she travelled the world. Her every waking moment and thought was spent mulling over how necessary it was for her to change Lorcan. Yet nothing could console the sorrow within her. Each city, country, continent she trawled through brought a reminder of him and as time went on, she lost the very indigo within the irises and her eyes remained an ashen white, echoing that of her very soul, a bottomless pit of quilt and ash. From then on, the bitterness within her loomed to new heights. Her very being twisted with a new psychosis.

For countless months she mourned her mother’s passing and the leaving of Lorcan. Her eyes were now a bottomless, sorrow ridden blue. Though, when she was approached by an unexpected visitor, her mind was rekindled. That person came in the form of Shikanna Blackrose. Shikanna had set out in search for someone who shared absolute hate for her father, she had been very specific in her search and tracked down none other than Evangeline herself. After making a proposal of sorts the pair set out in search for Kahn Blackrose Senior. Two years of searching, and the pair finally tracked him down. He had been moving around and wallowing in the havoc the uncontrolled Death Eaters were making. Whilst Evangeline battled with Kahn, Shikanna summoned the demons to strip her father of his very own powers, once she had succeeded in doing this, the pair proceeded to beat the male senseless and then finish him off with two combined killing curses. Doing this forged the foundations of a very complex friendship between the pair.

Yet another year past, and Evangeline found herself continuing with her travels. On one of her many secret visits back to England, Evangeline had yet again come to face Shikanna Blackrose. She beckoned Evangeline yet another proposal. And that was, not to replace The Dark Lord, but to represent him. The Order Of The Pheonix were no doubt hard at work, attempting to seek out the uncontrolled Death Eaters, and as they did so Evangeline and Shikanna split up and rounded up the groups and brought them together in a small clearing at Black Forest. Evangeline, being deemed a half-breed remained highly secretive in her work, a whisper in the ears of those she once called her fellow companions. Shikanna was to be the new figure of The Death Eaters, and Evangeline would aid her in any way possible. The two spent a lot of their time in the Slaughter Realm, mapping out their own recently developed plans. Who ever disagreed, were slaughtered immediately. This took yet another year of careful planning, and occasionally, small groups of death eaters would separate and strike fear into the Wizarding World, praying on the Wizarding villages and their occupants.

This continued for two years, and within that time countless villages were destroyed, as well as countless half-bloods slaughtered. Evangeline continued with her work, though with the absence of Shikanna it had become even trickier to do so. Between the arranging of plans and the visits she paid Shikanna, Evangeline spent countless hours, days, even months heightening her knowledge of the many creatures within the Wizarding World. She was, and had been for some time, in search for an answer to the being she was. And even after nineteen years of searching, she was still short of an answer. In the process, she’d intensified her knowledge in the subject she’d so avidly studied – Care Of Magical Creatures.

(Will add more if necessary ;] ))

Role-play Example(one paragraph please):

A veil of darkness prevailed over the small village of Hogsmeade. Its moon and stars swept above the city haze like a sheath of the softest silk. Nature, beauty and magic all enthused into the one beautiful scene that was the night sky. The surrounding village lay completely uninhabited, and had become as lifeless as the haunting grounds of the local churchyard. All was quiet, all except for an unnatural beauty, which swept along the country roads below.
A light breeze whispered in through the surrounding air, tugging briefly at Evangeline’s long locks of dark curls, as if it were attempting to catch her attention. Yet it failed to do so. She was too engrossed in her own stupor. Though it was the same place she’d visited those many years ago, the village of Hogsmeade seemed different, as if her senses had been awakened to each differing detail of its building’s stonework and surroundings. It most certainly was not the place she’d once known. Who knew what differences awaited her.

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Evangeline Lestrange
Evangeline Lestrange

Gender : Female Location Location : Lestrange Manor, England.

Character Age: Character Age: : 38
Posts Posts : 34
Job Job : Dragonologist.

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PostSubject: Re: Evangeline Emilia Lestrange.   Evangeline Emilia Lestrange. I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 28, 2009 1:48 pm

Vampire Concept No one is certain as to where these vampires are originated from. All that is known is that a human may be infected and can on occasions withhold a different sort of vampirism than their sires or creator's. In these rare circumstances, the venom twists and manipulates the body and DNA into a vampire of a superior race, a race that obtains all the benefits and barely none of the negatives of being an immortal.
These vampire's are a very particular race. They differentiate from most others, they are not ice-cold to the touch but are quite chilled, as though constantly cold. The race stretches back centuries and often prided itself on its warrior aspects, though the some that have been turned are given the choice; they can choose between the warrior life or continuing the life that they lead prior to their infection.
Unlike other vampire races this one is organised by status. Status stands as four stages, from lowest to highest; bronze, silver, gold, platinum. These vampires’s recognise the status of the others from their race by the engravings (tribal) that decorate the vampire's canines, the valuable metal used depending on the vampire's particular status. A vampire can move up in status once they prove themselves as a warrior. This rule applies no matter how the vampire chooses to live his or her life- it just bends differently. Someone who leads their previous life could be 'promoted' in status by fighting out of a dangerous battle or conquering those around them.
These vampire's are not lustful killers, occasionally, they will get a blood-lust but there is very little need for it because they kill and drink from humans. The idea of finding any other food-source is insulting and suggesting this to a vampire of this race is likely to result in death. The warrior that is naturally embedded into these vampires’s through the venom cannot be ignored no matter which life a vampire leads- the instinct to kill and drink from humans will always remain.
Emotions are enhanced dramatically due to the major changes in a person once they are turned. Emotions such as anger, hate, envy, pride, lust, anguish, guilt, happiness, love and calmness are the ones that will affect this vampire mostly. The females of the race have violet coloured eyes, which change according to the emotion the vampire is feeling at that exact moment. The male's, however, have a different eye colour, theirs naturally being a dull yellow colour, male's eyes flicker from their original colour (ie; brown, green, blue), when they participate in human activities but as soon as their vampiric talents are used their eyes will flicker to yellow. The whole race are affected by their emotions and the feelings are much more heavier than the normal humans or vampire's, though the males can shrug off certain feelings (guilt, envy and calmness).
The whole race are equipped with the gift to control and alter emotions. They use both their mind and actions to do this; the vampire will picture the emotion they want the person they stare at to feel (Picture the emotion's affects) and then with movements or words that enforce the emotion they wish to provoke and it will completely influence the human they choose- or even the group of humans. The more they know the human they are trying to influence the more affective it is; a lover could feel the emotion to the degree that a vampire of this race would. They can also use this against one another but it's more affective the higher their status.
Sunlight does not harm these vampires’s it merely increases the need for them to hunt. In the sunlight a vampire cannot ignore the thirst that the suns beams cause, it is unhealthy if they do so- it could be damaging. The thirst could drive a vampire/ vampiress insane. Vampire's are given instructions on what they can or cannot do if their creator is one from this race, otherwise they are to learn from their own mistakes or another of the tribe if they ever come across them.
On ageing, these vampire's reach the age of twenty one and stop doing so. From then onwards a vampire's body will remain eternally in this state. The reason for this is because the first vampire's believed that twenty-one was when the human body was at its most useful, most attractive and most affective. This race thrives on power and perfection. Hence the use of the human age twenty-one; not entirely young but not cripplingly old. Appearance is important to these vampire's, on both sides, there is undeniable speed, phenomenal strength and outstanding beauty. A vampire takes pride in how they look because it is the part of attracting prey.
These vampire's often taken humans for their partners, the feeling of love is never shifted and unless they turn their lover they will not find another mate. A partner is a partner for life. However, there must be the key attraction for this vampire. Attractions involve; scent, power and emotions. An alluring scent is essential, the idea of the vampire is that a relationship with a human is meant to be a constant struggle- testing their will power and self control, without an appealing scent there is no attraction (this is a form of battle and thus would bring a Vampire up to the next highest status of silver). As for power, these vampire's are automatically drawn to any human with power, power attracts these vampire's as there is the looming knowledge that the human they are with will not let the vampire take over- they will present a challenge. When it comes to emotions, if the person doesn't feel strongly again, there is no attraction- if a human feels strongly it means a vampire can alter the emotions better, more affectively, this causes a bigger attraction. Due to the enhanced emotions that a vampire feels, they will always love the particular person they were first attracted to with the possession of these three things.
This vampire race can grow further by two ways; random infection (or so it seems) or reproduction. Typically, the female is the bearer of children and like humans, they need a male to produce offspring. Impregnation is achieved exactly like humans (sperm meeting the egg.) Pregnancy is five months long rather than the humans nine because a baby vampire from this race is impatient and curious. A child inside it's mother's womb can smell and sense things around them and anticipate being born. A child is born as though he or she is already three years old but this causes no damage to the mother because her body is designed to withhold such a thing. Obviously their brains are far more developed than a usual child's but more like that of a person in their teens, they practically feed off their mother's knowledge and literally learn from them. A child tends to know it's mother better than her partner, being able to access memories and things to a similar affect. The gender of a child is decided by the child itself, having the intelligence to choose.
These vampire's cannot be killed by any known methods, only they can dispose of themselves. Each vampire has to kill itself in a different way as each vampire is very different from the other. They are the cause of their own destruction, once a vampire kills itself, because of the specific ways in which they do so, it wipes out the venom from their system. This leaves the once vampire once more as a human. Once the person is left as a human, there is the constant taunting of the vamperic life they once lead, but their human life prior to being turned is wiped from the person's memory. Cases have been seen where the destroyed vampire- now human- was driven into insanity, most have gone back to be changed again because then they cannot remember their first human life.
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Charles Monroe
Charles Monroe

Gender : Male Location Location : England

Character Age: Character Age: : 38
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PostSubject: Re: Evangeline Emilia Lestrange.   Evangeline Emilia Lestrange. I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 28, 2009 2:07 pm

ACCEPTED! Glad to see you FINALLY got on here! You may now roleplay
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Evangeline Emilia Lestrange.
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