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It has been nineteen long years since HE-WHO-MUST-NOT-BE-NAMED and the Death Eaters were driven from the Wizarding World. The Trio (Harry, Ron, and Hermoine) were praised as heroes; while the fallen were immortalized. The Wizarding World eventually grew out of the clenches of fear, and oprression; following the new winds of freedom, and peace. (Read On...)
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Shikanna Blackrose
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Shikanna Blackrose

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PostSubject: Shikanna Blackrose.   Shikanna Blackrose. I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 27, 2009 1:38 pm

Full name: Shikanna Arnessa Kanna Blackrose.
Gender: Female.
Age: Twenty- eight.
Student or Adult: Adult.
Canon Character or Original: Original.
Referred by: Charles Monroe.(who got you onto the site,)

Blood Status: Pureblood
Height: 5'8
Hair: Ash Blonde.
Eye Color: Ice blue.
Skin Color: Deathly pale (Ivory.)
Remarkable Features: Eyes- a representation of her personality.

Personality: As a character, Shikanna is very complex. She is cold hearted and merciless, but she will however go all the way to protect her family. Shikanna does not forgive easily if at all- she does not hand out second chances. She has been known to turn very quickly on a slight mistake. She has a vile temper, and is often unpredictable and has very little patience. She is also very truthful and blunt, she will not lie; not even for her own safety but would rather fight her way out of trouble. She is extremely proud and would never ask for help even if in dire need of it- yes that would mean even if she was close to death She'd refuse help. Shikanna is capable of love and affection it is just a rare thing to witness

Special Skills: Animangi- White Tigress with silver stripes.

Wand Type: Oak with a Phoenix's hair.

Family Information: Seera and Kahn Blackrose parented four children. Two sets of twins due to their animangus genes and the fact that cats rarely ever have one cub at a time. The first set of twins included; Shikanna and Sebarra, Shikanna being the eldest by three minutes. The next set were; Kian and Serena, Serena being the youngest. Shikanna has one child, a son. Sebarra went on to have four; Lucy, Romulus, Beaux and Tyrone. Serena had many Illegitimate children but only two of them survived (the others being slaughtered mysteriously), Kian died of a young age, childless. Every member of the Blackrose family is a pure animangi member, all of them having cat animangus' due to the nine lives (one of the many privaleges), nine lives were respresented by jewles, Shikanna's being blood red. Shikanna is also half-demon, though this is not known to many.

Character History:

Shikanna Arnessa Kanna Blackrose was born on All-Hallows eve, 1981. She and her twin, Sebarra, were born three months premature, but after intense care and nursing both girls pulled through and grew healthily. At a young age, Shikanna showed little interest in the same things as her younger sister, she spent an abnormal amount of time in her animangus form, constantly training. As soon as she learned how to walk, Shikanna was in her animangus form and hunting, both her parents made a point of teaching the girls how to use their forms to their advantage. (The Blackroses, being pure animangi had certain privaleges a normal animangus would not.) The girls both had a strict up-bringing; The Dark Lords word was law.

At the age of five, Shikanna and Sebarra's parents hosted a Death Eater meeting at Blackrose Manor, here the girls met Roxanne Merope Gaunt and although Shikanna did not like the girl much (much like she did not like anyone,) she kept in contact with her, forging a useful alliance. For the next three years the girls' lives were uneventful until the Ministry launched a raid on Blackrose Manor, in which both parents were carried away, near death, to Azkaban. For the next years, up until the age of eleven, Shikanna took charge (her mother always told her to look after her sister,), Shikanna would hunt and teach Sebarra all she knew and the girls learned off one another.

At the tender age of eleven, the girls were sent to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where they were both sorted without question, into Slytherin. They remained quiet in their first three years, only conversing with Roxanne as their reputation already proceeded them both due to their heritage. However, in their fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh, things became unsettled, occasionally, a dead body would turn up and though one could pin the evidence on Shikanna, they all knew she was responsible. During the twins sixth year, Kahn returned without their mother and restored some order. Shikanna would get off with heavy warnings and detention's but being expelled was out of the question due to the fact there was no hard evidence. Shikanna passed both her OWLS and NEWTS with oustandings all the way around.

After leaving, Shikanna could not walk into the Ministry and get a job due to how she was. However, at the age of nineteen, she was branded with the Dark Mark- much to her parents pleasure. Seera soon returned after her branding and reclaimed Kahn's heart. At nineteen, Shikanna's sister had already given birth to four children, starting at the young age of fifteen, Shikanna remained childless. Around this time was when Serena and Kian was born, when they hit two, both siblings were instantly given ageing potions, due to the rough timing of their birth. Soon after this, Seera disappeared once more.

Shikanna Arnessa Kanna Blackrose, at nineteen years of age and being branded a Death-Eater participated in the Final Battle Of Hogwarts. She, proudly, used her animangus form and assisted the Dark Lord in anyway she saw fit. Shikanna was responsible for the slaughter of many people on that night, she had seemingly created her own blood bath. Shikanna slaughtered nameless students and one particular teacher; Professor Flitwick. This is most surprising to those who hear it because Flitwick was a talented duellist, he often won first-place prizes in duelling competitions and beforehand, he had only ever lost to Severus Snape. These multiple deaths, once again, put Shikanna on the most-wanted list for the Ministry. She, like many of the other Death Eaters, witnessed both the death of Bellatrix Lestrange and The Dark Lord himself. Again, the remaining Death Eater's scattered, Shikanna and Evangeline Lestrange took to the forbidden forest and exited this way, after spending many days there.

Shikanna and Evangeline, never seeing fully eye-to-eye because of the Lestrange's hate for Blackroses, soon went their separate ways. Shikanna was unaware where she would end up but for a few years she ended up dwelling with her younger sister, Sebarra, in the realm which their father was originally raised in. Shikanna took her rightful place as queen in Trucido regnum (which literally translates into 'Slaughter realm' in latin), she ruled the many demons on each of the many different levels. Her five year continuous reign, without surfacing to the normal realm, had clear affects on Shikanna. In this realm, any ageing process is stopped at twenty-one, by this time Shikanna was twenty-four. Other changes included; her appearance (her beauty seemed much more bolder than before,), her animangus had become more lethal, her overall knowledge had been enhanced, Shikanna's blood-lust had gotten worse in her reign and she had become much more wild than beforehand.

During her five year reign, Shikanna and her father Kahn had many run-ins, their last, for his daughter, was the last straw. When she re-surfaced, as young as twenty-one and apparently untouched by time, Shikanna set out in search for someone who shared absolute hate for her father, she was very specific in her search and tracked down none other than Evangeline Lestrange. After making a proposal of sorts the pair set out in search for Kahn Blackrose Senior. Two years of searching and the pair finally tracked him down, he had been moving around and wallowing in the havoc the uncontrolled Death Eaters were making. Whilst Evangeline battled with Kahn, Shikanna summoned the demons to strip her father of his very own powers, once she had succeeded in doing this, the pair proceeded to beat the male senseless and then finish him off with two combined killing curses. Doing this forged the foundations of a very complex friendship between the pair.

During the next year, Shikanna would disappear from her newest friends side and only her friend knew where she would go; to visit her lover. During this year, the same lover and Shikanna were soon expecting. During the first four months, nothing was noticeable, but in the fifth Shikanna grew so quickly that she was soon back in Trucido regnum, only resurfacing to visit her lover, however, these visits never went smoothly and often ended in Shikanna's departure being on bad terms. After giving birth to a male, Shikanna re-emerged much with the same affects as before and for three years, herself and her lover disappeared to Ireland. During the first months of the child's life, Shikanna had nothing to do with him- disliking how much he was like his father. After these months, she held him and then taught her son how to switch in and out of his animangus form and then how to use it affectively. However, during those three years the third war was being organised, Shikanna and her lover to depart with their child. Both parents left their child a gift each, Shikanna's was one of her claws, which re-grew soon afterwards. She put it around her sons neck to be worn like a necklace before her baby-boy was sent away to her lovers brother (he would be fifteen years of age at present day.)

So as not to look suspicious, her lover reappeared on the scene five months before Shikanna (who obviously went back to the slaughter realm). Five months later, yet another year was under-way and Shikanna still had not aged from twenty-four due to her constant visits to her kingdom. Shikanna set out in search, once more, between secret visits to her lover, for Evangeline. Another year passed and Shikanna still had not aged though she could feel the affects waning. Finally, she tracked down Evangeline with yet another proposal; not to replace the Dark Lord but to represent him.

Whilst the Order were hard at work, there were small groups of un-organised Death Eaters trying to come up with the ultimate plans separately and failing to do so. During this time, Shikanna and Evangeline split up and yet again, between suddenly frequent visits to her lover (as though the danger wasn't enough), they both rounded up the groups and brought them together in a small clearing at Black Forest (property of the Blackroses- it's name was meant to be deceiving). Shikanna and Evangeline managed to gather all the existing groups in two years, Shikanna was able to offer a safe place for them all to nest (The slaughter realm), when times got too risky. Shikanna and Evangeline (in secret, not to the Death Eaters knowledge) between them were to be the new authority figures to Death Eaters. Spending a lot of their time in the Slaughter Realm Shikanna and Evangeline mapped out their own recently developed plans and whoever did not agree was slaughtered immediately; this took yet another year of careful planning and still it was not perfected; Shikanna finally begun ageing here and hit twenty-five on All-Hallows-Eve.

Thirteen years had passed since the Dark Lord's final fall. Yet Death Eaters (under Blackrose and Lestrange command) would gather in their headquarters of sorts or in the demon realm- which Shikanna happily visited- and planned. Occasionally, small groups would separate and hit certain parts of the country to strike fear into those around them and more often or not, they did exactly that. Destroying many Muggle Villages at a time, blatantly slaughtering half-bloods, this was repetitive for another two years in which Shikanna aged, coming to twenty-seven. During these two years, Shikanna and her Lover (Only Evangeline is aware of the child's identity and her lovers), failed to keep in contact with one another.

Sixteen years later, Shikanna's lover proposed to her on the edge of Scotland, several miles from Hogwarts itself. She accepted without a moments hesitation and wore the ring more than happily on her finger for a full week, ignoring any questions she was asked about it- only Evangeline remained silent. After a week, Shikanna visited her lover and asked if she could see her only son, he denied her this because of the risks and in an angered stupor, in the same spot he had proposed, Shikanna hastily removed the ring and launched it at him before departing. After these events with her lover, Shikanna disappears for yet another year, no one can access the demon-realm with out a demon to escort them and Shikanna does not re-surface again, doing this stops her ageing process once more. She is frozen at the age of twenty-eight. During the year of her absence, Shikanna deals with her twenty-eight years of living, slaughtering many of her demon subjects for no reason at all (no reason that she would voice.)

Newly 'born' Shikanna resurfaces, she had no contact with anyone for an entire year, the first thing she does is re-news her ties with Evangeline and presents new ideas to the Death Eaters which they all go on to perfect. Shikanna does not age this year and remains at twenty-eight. Two years have passed since Shikanna last saw her lover and she leaves the Death Eater's to do so. Present day, Shikanna Arnessa Kanna Blackrose is still going strong at the steady age of twenty-nine, young, strong and willing; what will be the outcome of this war? Who will win? No body knows. Mystery is a beautiful thing.

Role-play Example(one paragraph please):
A white Tigress burst from the forest, her white fur ruffled by the wind, it was stained with red, more her massive paws than anything, she had been hunting.
No sooner did her paw hit the cobbled floors of Hogsmeade, a woman replaced the Tigress. Ash blonde curls that could account for the white fur, the same cruel cold crystal blue eyes and plump pale pink lips. Shikanna was a woman that would never be tamed.
Fear and confusion was thrown upon the streets on sight of this dangerous woman, what was her purpose in Hogsmeade?! It could only mean bad news, the bad sort of news that would soon mean other followers of the Dark Lord would be following, mayhem, chaos and despair would soon be upon them all.
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Charles Monroe
Charles Monroe

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PostSubject: Re: Shikanna Blackrose.   Shikanna Blackrose. I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 27, 2009 3:48 pm

Great profile; well done; ACCEPTED! Now since you are finished you may choose to pick abilities in the thread, or even join a side! You may now roleplay!
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Shikanna Blackrose.
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