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 The Magic Shop

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Charles Monroe
Charles Monroe

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PostSubject: The Magic Shop   Mon Jul 27, 2009 6:23 am

So here is one of the shops in which you can use to purchase any available goods. The list of items can be changed at any time.

Abstract Items

Personalized Rank:(450 Galleons): Get your rank changed to anything you want it to say; or into a personalized image.

[b]Personalized Rank[/b]
Rank name:
Rank Image:

Warning Deduction: (550 Galleons) Done something not so bright? Erase it by buying a Warning Deduction!

Warning Deduction

Personalized Group:(1,000 Galleons) Create a group of your own that you can moderate.


[b]Personalized Group[/b]
Group name:
Group Description:
Group Color:

Personalized Forum:(3,000 Galleons) Create a forum of your own that you may moderate.


[b]Personalized Forum:[/b]
Forum name:
Forum Description:
Forum Image(Optional)
Forum Location(where in the board its located)
Special Permissions(Optional decide whether certain groups can view it or not view it)

More items to come!
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The Magic Shop
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